Why You Should Learn To Pick A Lock

There may be many out there who think that lock picking is illegal and that there is no need for anyone to learn how to perform this activity that is disgraced upon. This particular negative notion has to be changed and looked at lock picking from a different angle. Some who find this activity intriguing and want to learn it would assume it is an art that needs months and months of practice, which is not the case. Learning to lock pick takes a few hours and a few more days to master it. To all whom may think it’s not necessary to learn lock picking, read on to see why we say otherwise.

Locks are not effective as you think

All of us put locks on everything thinking that everyone and everything behind that lock is safe and out of harm’s way. This is an extremely wrong sentiment to have. With the ability of being able to learn how to pick locks within a few minutes and successfully getting it done only proves that these locks are only for show and have no value. It’s just an ‘illusion of security’. These lock are put in place to make us feel safe, but whoever who wants to or has the capability will pick a lock or find a different way to get in, putting you and your family in harm’s way. Not just locks, but you have to come up with mechanisms to up your security game and add in several more layers of security.


Every one of us at a certain point in our lives have been locked out of our cars or houses, and it can be nuisance and all the more frustrating when you have to spend valuable time in waiting around until someone brings you an extra key, or wait until locksmiths in Armadale arrives to solve your problem. This is when your newly formed talent may come in handy. Without wasting your time, you can now pick the lock yourself and get into your home with ease.

It’s fascinating

Being able to enter through certain doors, and having the ability to get through door you do not possess the keys to can be a very exciting moment. There is an overall ‘cool and hip-ness’ that comes with this sort of ability. In case of any emergencies waiting around for locksmiths is not required anymore which can be quite useful in the most unexpected scenarios.

Legal aspects of lock picking

There is nothing legally wrong in owning a lock picking set and having the ability to pick locks yourself. Just as long as you have a clear conscious and do not have any in-ethical and illegal intent you need not worry about anything. Although in some states, being caught with any sort of lock picking kit, even if you weren’t picking a lock, you will be charged unless you can prove you weren’t committing a crime. Therefore research, and make sure you don’t get into any trouble. Browse more about Melbourne safes. Try your hand at lock picking because you never known when a talent like that will come in handy.