Benefits Of Engraved Traffolyte Labels

Engraving is the process of carving a traffolyte signs onto a flat and hard surface by using a tool specially designed for it. The result is a decorate piece or something that can be used as a printing plate for printing images into paper. It is one of the oldest forms of printing and is also used in book and magazine printing but has been replaced with photography in recent years. the tool used for engraving is known as a burin and other types of gravers come in many shapes and sizes that can been used to make a variety of line types. In ancient days, this process was used to make grooves in jewelry and in the Middle Ages it was used to decorate metals. Nowadays this process us used for modern banknotes and plates that are used for printing money and checks are always engraved. Original metals such as copper were used for engraving but lately, traffolyte is a popular choice of material and is made from plastic sheets that are bonded together. These sheets have different colors so that with each layer of engraving made with a traffolyte engraver, a new color is revealed which adds a contrasting hue to the end result.

Traffolute engravers are most commonly used to make labels and here are some of the advantages of using such labels:

  • Traffolyte is a very suitable alternative to metal labels as it will not transmit an electric charge that the metal does and can be used for making warning labels for machinery and cables that have high voltage. This promotes work safety and helps anyone from coming into contact with an electric energy that could lead to shock.
  • The material is ideal for retaining the messages that are engraved on it as it will not bend easily. For example, it is recommended that wires with high voltage use traffolyte tags and gate valve tag engraving as these will warn the first responders about the hazard and will stop them from casually holding the wire without turning the electricity off.
  • The material also retains colors very well and is ideal for making eye catching labels for hazardous equipment. It can be used to make vivid colored tags that will stand out and display warning easily.
  • It is very cost effective to get your labels made from this material as the sheets are cheap and many tags can be printed using a single sheet. They are also very durable and resistant to acids and chemicals.
  • Traffolyte tags are attractive and many people use them as a decorative material. You can even get personalized designs engraved using a traffolyte engraver.